Treatment methods

Ostemeda Rehabilitation Center applies only natural, harmless treatments. Therefore, we effectively treat not only children and adults, but also those who are sensitive to medical substances and procedures: people such as pregnant women, infants, seniors and people with disabilities.


This is a diagnostic and therapeutic method when an osteopath determines and adjusts a root cause of a disease by touching it with hands. The purpose of this treatment method is to restore the balance of human body, immunity, internal forces and self-regulation.


It is the influence of biologically active points in the body with needles, electric current, heat, light, appliqués or massages. This treatment method is based on proven relationships between different parts of the human body – when acting on a certain point in the human feet or in other places, it can affect the diseased organ.

Manual therapy

It is not only a manual treatment of femur, joints and bones, but also a relief for spasms in the internal organs, blood circulation improvement and internal rhythm restoration (visceral therapy). Its purpose is to eliminate pain and restore flexibility of joints and spine as well as to bring smooth functioning for the internal organs. Read more …


It is a treatment with individually selected concentrated drug from plants, minerals, bacteria. By activating internal human strengths it quickly and naturally restores health. Read more …


– offers research-based phytotherapeutic drugs – made from natural herbal substances. Herbal medicines have a wider range of acting effects and cause less side effects than synthetic medicines. Because of these features, herbal medicines are more suitable for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Trigger-Point Therapy

This treatment is designed for especially painful parts of body. Trigger points are extremely sensitive areas that result from muscle contraction or long-term overload. From these points pain can spread to other organs (e.g., when the neck muscle is compressed- the pain spreads out in the head).

Lymphedema treatment

Lymphedema – a lymphatic circulation disorder that results in lymphatic congestion of damaged tissues. This disorder often occurs after various surgical interventions: plastic, dental, oncologic surgeries. It also arises after inflammation, during pregnancy, chronic venous insufficiency, trauma or even a sting of an insect. The best-performing complex treatment method is applied during the treatment of lymphedema in our center.


Rehabilitation Procedures and programs at the rehabilitation center provide effective recovery after injuries or surgeries, because they are based on individual patient’s characteristics, health condition and goals. Together with rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, kinesitherapists and ergotherapists, psychologists and social workers help patients not only to return to the normal rhythm of life, but also psychologically focus on a new positive life.

Treatment of the pregnant and babies

Ostemeda Rehabilitation Center is the only medical institution in Western Lithuania offering complex services for the pregnant and newborns. The pregnant and infants should not take too many medicines, it is advisable to use conventional methods of treatment. Therefore, Ostemeda center offers drug-free treatment that does not cause any side effects and heals every sensitive body part or maternity trauma.