About us

Rehabilitation Center "Ostemeda"

We treat children and adults, provide rehabilitation services and offer natural health promotion programs. Our rehabilitation center is the only medical institution in Western Lithuania specializing in treating the causes of diseases, not symptoms.

Innovative solutions

Physicians of the Rehabilitation Center continuously refine new as well as adapt proven methods of natural medicine and rehabilitation in their work with patients. Our specialists make a significant contribution to the natural methods of treatment: osteopathy, homeopathy, phytotherapy’s development and improvement, consult and supervise scientific and academic research. The achievements of Ostemeda’s physicians are reviewed at international conferences where doctors read reports and present innovations of treatment methods.

Methods of treatment

We identify and eliminate the cause of disease by applying advanced diagnostic and treatment methods. We assess the human body as a unified system. In order to achieve this aim we use special tests (VEGA test, food tolerance test, applied kinesiology, blood tests, computer tomography, etc.). Our team includes professional osteopaths, homeopaths, psychologists, physiotherapists and ergotherapists.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to become the best institution of rehabilitation services in the region of Western Lithuania, because we use only natural methods of health promotion in the treatment process. These include ergotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy and other. Our mission is to provide quality rehabilitation services using modern technology and natural treatment methods (osteopathy, hand therapy, homeopathy, phytotherapy, bio-coding, etc.). We treat causes of diseases, not symptoms and constantly improve our work: we expand the range of services and increase the competence of our staff.