Initial consultation

A visit to the Ostemeda Rehabilitation Center starts with an initial consultation. During consultation, doctor is actively communicating with patient — it is important to determine when and at which circumstances health problems arose. Patient’s health concerns are being discussed.

Gydytojas Andrius Stasiulis

Diagnostics at the Rehabilitation Center

We carry out all the necessary express tests in the rehabilitation center in order to determine health condition as accurately as possible, to identify the causes of a disease, to investigate body's reactions to different substances, food, medicines and to monitor the course of treatment.

Treatment methods

The Ostemeda Rehabilitation Center applies only natural and harmless treatments. Therefore, we effectively treat not only children and adults, but also those who are sensitive to medicinal substances and treatments: such as pregnant women, infants, seniors, people with disabilities.

Senior Patient Being Assisted By Female Nurse In Using Walker

Rehabilitation procedures

Procedures and programs at the Rehabilitation Center provide effective rehabilitation after injuries or surgery, as they are tailored to individual patient’s characteristics, health status and goals.

Health programs

For all those who want to get rid of health problems, balance the body and improve health, we offer various health promotion programs.

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