A visit to the Ostemeda Rehabilitation Center starts with an initial consultation. During consultation, doctor is actively communicating with patient — it is important to determine when and at which circumstances health problems arose. Patient’s health concerns are being discussed. If necessary, doctor applies all needed diagnostics (applied kinesiology, muscle testing, osteopathic diagnostics, blood tests, etc.). At this stage, the goal is to find a problematic location and identify exact source of its occurrence. Only then the most relevant treatment method is chosen for the patient’s physical condition and illness (osteopathy, biodecoding, homeopathy, manual therapy; several methods can be combined) A preliminary schedule of treatment procedures is prepared, which can be adjusted according to recovery process, individual patient characteristics and possibilities. We work individually with each patient. There are no identical people, so causes of illness, reactions to treatment, as well as the motivation to deal with the problem may be different.