Halotherapy accounts

We’ve specially created service packs so that a larger amount of ordered services will significantly reduce the cost of one procedure. Because we strive to:

  • To make your visits systematic, beyond one hand, and so you can achieve maximum effect;
  • To be able to attend the whole family, you don’t have to go to a member of one family or strew on therapy costs.

2018 to 1997. Rates for Halotherapy procedures

Dead Sea salt Room

1 time

The 5th generation

10 times





Child (4 to 14 years of age)




S + V (1 adult in combination with 1 child)




For each session, make the maximum use of half an hour spent in the Dead Sea salt Room:

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee, with a gentle salt flavour that gives the coffee an extra saturation.
  • Enhance the effect of salt vapor on the breathing exercise.
  • With family members, children, colleagues get rid of the potentially common virus and spend a whole half an hour with a rich together.
  • Take advantage of the occasion to maximize relaxation and remove stress. If you fail to do so next to an unfamiliar person, only you, your family or fellow Members will be registered for the symbolic bonus of $1 per session, even if they don’t fill all the places.

Terms of service:

  • You can use the subscription services at any time convenient to you in the working hours. The price of the subscription from the time of day-evening, day it or morning-does not belong.
  • Registration is required in advance, so we recommend that you register immediately on the expiration date, that our salt room occupancy does not adjust your plans and good habits.
  • Maximum number of people in a room per session: 3 adults + 2 children or 2 adults + 3 children.
  • Young children will only be allowed from 6 years of age without an adult in the salt room. In this way, we want to ensure the safety of your child so that if you are in one unfamiliar environment, you do not suffer unnecessary stress. And parents don’t have to go to the Duskes Room window by gazing at the one left by the little family member.

Registration is required in advance:

By telephone + 370 615 55 018; + 370 612 46 775 

or e-mail: info@ostemeda.lt

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